Marquises and sun protection solutions


Brava Solskydd (Brava Sun Protection)

Delivers complete sun protection solutions to both individuals and businesses in the greater Stockholm area.
We offer a 3 year warranty on our products and installation.

We have a wide range of products.
Our marquises come from Lunex and the fabric from Sandatex. Indoor products are from Kirsch

When visiting customers we present specimens of colours and fabrics and our salespersons are very competent regarding sun protection in different environments.

Among many other things we work with marquises, a very efficient form of shielding keeping the sunrays and the heat away when you need it.

It also creates comfort outdoors e.g. in a terrace. A marquis outside the window is also the easiest way to prevent high indoor temperatures on a hot and sunny day; it will reduce the heat from the sun with up to 70%.

Laminated curtain

A laminated curtain gives the room elegant vertical lines and radiates calm and balance. The intake of light is easily regulated by turning the lamellae to the desired angle. It is the obvious choice for large windows where both the intake of light and the protection of people's views are important.

A laminated curtain can be ordered with lamellae width of 63, 90 or 127 mm. The curtains can be ordered with string/chain, string/turner, chain or motorized.


Blinds can be had in all the colours of the rainbow, with wide or narrow lamellae and with ladder ribbon that either matches or is an exciting contrast to the lamellae.

The blinds will hang either between the windows or hanging free on the inside of the window. Our aluminium blinds come with lamellae width of 16, 25, 35 or 50 mm.

You have the choice of mixing wood and aluminium in your blinds. When you order your blinds made to measures you also decide the colour and thickness of the ladder ribbon.